Did you know Stalin and Churchill were avid billiards player?

A replica set of Stalin’s billiard balls. The red cue ball and numbered white object balls are typical of Russian variants of the game.
(Photo: CNN)
Famous people, even bloody-handed dictators, often have surprisingly down-to-earth hobbies. Stalin, for example, not only liked music, movies (especially Westerns) and chess, but also loved to play billiards, most likely the version called “Russian pyramid.” Some recollections claim he was pretty good at it, and loved to play for peculiar stakes: if his opponent lost, he (the opponent, that is) had to crawl under the pool table, assumably eliciting much mirth from the Soviet dictator. Stalin was a sore loser and allegedly only challenged people he was sure to beat, with Nikita Khrushchev, Stalin’s eventual successor after his death, being one of his frequent victims.
Winston Churchill was another World War II national leader who loved billiards. We don’t know how good he was or what stakes he liked to play for, but an elaborate billiards table once owned by him is still on display at the Main Street Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
Churchill’s pool table in Las Vegas (Photo: vegasexperience.com)
Churchill’s pool table in Las Vegas
(Photo: vegasexperience.com)

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Winston Churchill waves to crowds in Whitehall in London as they celebrate V-E Day, May 8, 1945.
(Photo: Imperial War Museum)

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