Did you know a World War II battleship was once disguised as houses?

Part of the Tirpitz’s “building” camouflage pattern
(Photo: unknown photographer)

The belligerent nations of World War II used a variety of camouflage paints and patterns on their warships. Some were intended to make the ship blend in with the horizon. Others used sharply contrasting colors in "dazzle camouflage" which didn't make the ship harder to spot, but did make it harder for the enemy to determine its speed and heading. Some were painted to resemble a different ship type. The most bizarre camouflage, however, tried to turn a battleship into a cluster of houses.

Another view of the building camouflage on the Tirpitz
(Photo: unknown photographer)

That battleship was the German Tirpitz, and the unlikely camouflage pattern was used during the winter of 1939, when the brand-new ship was still being fitted out in the Kriegsmarine dockyard at Wilhelmshaven. The port (left) side was decorated with adhesive tape to look like a dockyard building when seen from the water. The event is poorly documented, but it was probably done in an attempt to mislead enemy spies or scouts.

The Tirpitz in dock, with the camouflaged side facing the water
(Photo: unknown photographer)

This was the most spectacular camouflage for the Tirpitz, but not the only one over the course of her career. Spending most of her time in Norwegian fjords ready to sail out and attack Allied convoys headed for the Soviet Union, she was sometimes camouflaged to blend in with the nearby vegetation – which didn't stop British Lancaster bombers (Read our earlier article) from eventually sinking her.

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