Did you know at least one World War II bomber was bombed… in the air?

Miss Donna Mae II a split second after losing her stabilizer to “friendly bombing”
(Photo: U.S. Army Air Forces)
Allied air raids late in World War II could involve hundreds of heavy bombers flying on a single mission, leading to crowded skies and the question of how aerial collisions could be best avoided. The combat box was an elaborate three-dimensional formation that arranged a dozen, or even several dozen, bombers in a way that maximized their ability to cover each other with their machine guns, while minimized the chances of colliding.
A cavity magnetron tube, the technology that made better radar (and microwave ovens) possible
(Photo: John Cummings / Wikipedia)
Nevertheless, accidents happened. Air turbulence, evasive maneuvers against German fighters or flak fire, or plain simple fatigue and inattention could cause a plane to drift out of formation and into harm’s way. The B-17 Flying Fortress named Miss Donna Mae II was perhaps the most unfortunate of such errant planes. She drifted out of position while right above the target during a bombing run above Berlin on May 19, 1944. A bomb from the Trudy, another B-17 flying above Miss Donna Mae II hit the latter’s port stabilizer in mid-fall, ripping it clean off, sending the accidental victim into an uncontrolled spin and a crash that killed the entire crew.

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In the Normandy American Cemetery
(Photo: Kort Waddell)
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Beaches of Normandy Tours review
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Beaches of Normandy Tours review
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