Did you know that a device with a very naughty name saved many British pilots?

Spitfires going into a dive
(Photo: Imperial War Museums)
The Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire were the Royal Air Force’s premier interceptors during the Battle of Britain, but they had a serious design flaw. When a plane goes into inverted flight or suddenly dips its nose down, such as when going into a dive to pursue (or escape) an enemy, it experiences what’s called a “negative G force.” Imagine a small loose object in the cockpit: when you go into a dive, it suddenly shoots “up” into the cockpit’s roof. Unfortunately, the same thing kept happening to the fuel inside the planes: a dive would force the fuel in the carburetor to momentarily stop flowing into the engine and instead flow back toward the top of the carburetor’s float chamber. This first caused a loss of power, then the engine would cut out completely when the now overly rich fuel mixture started to flow again and drowned the supercharger.
Beatrice Shilling
(Photo: Unknown photographer)
The woman to the rescue was Beatrice “Tilly” Shilling, an aircraft engineer and avid motorist. Shilling invented a simple device, essentially a brass thimble with a hole in it, that could easily be fitted into already produced aircraft and would regulate fuel flow during such perilous moments.  The device was officially named R A E Restrictor, but gained immediate popularity with the pilots under the rather inappropriate nickname “Miss Shilling’s orifice.”

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An American soldier in an attack on German forces in December 1944
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